AYCO Scholarship Award Recipients

AYCO’s Scholarship Program began over the summer of 2021 when staff and community members began to engage in conversation about changing the lives and futures of the immigrant youth that we serve.  Through the generous donation of 2 community members, we were able to award 6 students with the reality of fulfilling their dreams of becoming first-generation University attendees pursuing their college degrees.

AYCO reviewed over 30 applications, we then identified 15 students who met the requirements and conducted individual interviews.  The students were scored in four categories; Need, Trust, Academic Achievement, and Community Involvement.

We are very excited to introduce the 6 students we selected to be awarded in our first AYCO Scholarship Program. All of these talented individuals have been a part of the AYCO UPLIFT program, many have also personally volunteered at our center. We will be updating their stories as they achieve new goals and dreams so check back in with us to follow their stories.

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