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AYCO Scholarship Program

AYCO 2022-2023 Scholarship Program Application

Program Description

This program serves first-generation, low-income, first-time students attending college. The program focuses primarily on the African/ African-American/ Black college experience. Participants are provided with peer mentors who have prior experience navigating through college and achieving academic excellence. These peer mentors are returning with an even stronger desire to help others succeed. This program encourages and guides students into fostering a sense of community, building long-lasting relationships, and will provide them with financial assistance as well. All students selected will be required to actively participate in AYCO community-building activities and workshops

As a participant in this program, students will build strong relationships with peer mentors. Students will develop a strong cultural and academic identity, and become familiar with their resources to enhance their transition to college. This program assists students in fully understanding the academic college expectations and the value of developing a diverse academic network. The programming, mentoring, and support provided by this program, will assist students in building a foundation that will result in continued success beyond the first year and ultimately lead to graduation.

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