CED – Community Economic Development

CED Program

The Community Economic Development (CED) is a community-driven process where the community AYCO serves to identify and initiate their solutions to economic, social, and environmental issues to build healthy, economically viable communities. Derived from AYCO’s Mission, the Community Economic Development (CED)’s primary focus is to empower and educate refugees by providing sustainable, diverse economic support and offering information and resources. In doing so, the CED department fosters a culture of enterprise and innovation among community members to give them equitable access to the competitive local economy.

CED Goals & Objectives

  • Creating employment opportunities.
  • Improving the community and local economy.
  • Developing economic links.
  • Improving the physical environment of the community.
  • Connect youth to tools, resources, and opportunities that will foster academic and professional growth.
  • Youth will gain essential leadership skills and learn how to advocate for themselves, and their communities in all spaces.
  • Expose youth to a variety of career opportunities within leading industries, including environmental sustainability, tech, and public affairs.

CED Services Provided


  • Meet with business owners / entrepreneurs and provide or connect them with the needed resources to enhance a pre-existing business or create a new one.


  • Connect to needed training for desired careers.
  • Help apply for scholarships/grants to cover needed training.
  • Create workshops to increase communal awareness of financial literacy and advocate for community economic independence.

Youth Opportunity Intake Form

Matching you with volunteer, internship and job opportunities

The AYCO Youth Opportunity Intake Form is a tool designed to identify your interests and align them with youth opportunities, including AYCO programming and initiatives. It serves as a comprehensive matching system that will enable us to support and connect you with a range of resources supporting career and professional development such as service work, internships, cohort programs, and more!

CED Funders

Thank you to our partners and funders of our CED Programs.

  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • The Collins Foundation
  • Senator Michael Dembrow
  • Senator Kayse Jama
  • Representative Khanh Pham